Sustainability Commitment

Newbie is a family member of the Kappahl Group. Here you can read about our joint sustainability commitment.

We are keen to work with responsible suppliers and require that they comply with our Sustainability Commitment (previously Code of Conduct) for suppliers, which includes areas such as freedom of association and organisation, wages and working hours, workplace safety, and environmental impact. And not least our zero tolerance for forced labour and child labour. Read more about our Sustainability Commitment (previously Code of Conduct) for suppliers.

We have our own staff who visit and review the factories regularly. If we discover shortcomings at our revisions, our starting point is to bring about change instead of ending the cooperation. In these cases, the factory should create a corrective action plan. If the supplier factory does not implement the committed improvements, we limit or stop the placing of orders.

All factories new to us are reviewed before order placement. If a new factory meets our requirements at the first revision it is graded Temporarily Approved. To ensure that the factory meets our requirements, follow-up visits are made and then a new review takes place within 12 months. Only then can the factory be graded Approved.