Kids Clothes

Children's clothing, ranging from sizes 92 to 140. Explore apparel suitable for both girls and boys.

Kids Clothes

At Newbie, you'll find children's clothes in sizes 92-140. Toddler clothing often features bright colors and playful prints to appeal to young ones, while kids' styles tends to be more solid and classic. Newbie, a Swedish brand with Scandinavian design, creates garments in a timeless style for children of today and for generations to come.

When it comes to kidswear, it's important to consider not just style but also function. Active kids, for example, need clothes that can keep up with their movements, such as stretchy fabrics and reinforced seams. Similarly, children who spend a lot of time outdoors require clothes that can protect them from the elements, like water repellent jackets and sun-protective clothing.

Durability is another crucial aspect of kids' clothes. Some kids can be tough on their clothing, so it's essential to choose items that can withstand wear and tear. This might involve opting for clothes made with sturdy materials like denim or corduroy or choosing garments with reinforced knees or cuffs.

Children's wear should be comfortable, durable, and fun, with many options available to suit different tastes and budgets. Choose from cute and comfy casual wear for playtime and adorable, smart, and stylish outfits for special occasions.