Baby Tops & Shirts

Explore the most adorable baby blouses and newborn t-shirts with delicate lace and colorful patterns. Sizes 0-18 months.

Baby Tops & Shirts

Four reasons why you might prefer a baby top over a bodysuit:

1. Easier dressing and undressing: Baby t-shirts are generally easier to put on and take off compared to bodysuits, which require snapping and unsnapping at the diaper area. This can be convenient for quick or frequent changes with your newborn.

2. Increased versatility: Tops can be paired with various baby bottoms, like leggings or bloomers, whereas bodysuits require bottoms that fit over them. This offers more flexibility in dressing your little one and creating different outfits. For formal occasions, a baby blouse or newborn shirt with charming embroidery and delicate lace is perfect.

3. Ideal for warmer weather: In hot weather, bodysuits can feel too warm and restrictive, while tees are lighter and more breathable, making them a better choice.

4. Enhanced comfort for older babies: As babies grow older and become more active, they may find bodysuits confining. Tops and t-shirts allow for greater freedom of movement, making them more comfortable for energetic babies.

However, it's worth noting that bodysuits can be useful for keeping diapers in place and preventing them from riding up, especially for younger babies. Ultimately, the decision between a t-shirt or top and a bodysuit depends on personal preference and the specific needs of your little one.