Baby Swimwear & UV

Dive into the fun with our newborn swimwear, UV suits, and swim diapers, featuring cute ruffles and prints. Sizes 0-18 months.

Baby Swimwear & UV

As the summer sun shines, parents everywhere are seeking ways to keep their little ones comfortable, cool, and protected during outdoor activities. Introduce your precious newborn to the joys of water with our selection of sweet and stylish baby swimsuits. From adorable pastel shades to vibrant patterns, our baby swimwear caters to every taste.

When it comes to sun protection, sunscreen alone is not enough. It's challenging to choose newborn swimwear specifically designed for UV protection. UPF50+ is the rating that indicates the level of UV protection provided by a fabric. It measures how much of the sun's harmful UV radiation can penetrate the fabric and reach your baby's skin. With a UPF50+ rating, the fabric blocks out a significant portion of UV radiation.

In addition to UPF-rated swimwear, it's essential to select swimgear that safeguards against both UVA and UVB radiation. Equipping your little one with a UV suit and a UV cap offers head-to-toe protection, allowing them to relish their first swim with confidence and ease.

Let's not forget the swim diaper, a must-have for water debutantes. Worn underneath your little one's swimsuit, a newborn swim nappy helps contain any accidents while maintaining water cleanliness and hygiene.

Encourage your little one to make a splash and enjoy their first swim in the sweetest and safest way possible. Explore our collection of baby swimwear and ensure they have a memorable and protected water experience.