Friends and flowers

Welcome spring with floral splendour and playful friends on the savannah. Soft pink blends with earthy tones and green shades. So lovely to coordinate outfits with siblings.

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A wallpaper fairy tale

We are now releasing our fantastic new wallpaper book in collaboration with Boråstapeter. You’ll find lots of enchanting designs featured inside, all with Newbie’s unique, hand-drawn patterns. You can pair these charming wallpapers with our fine interior design collection. Welcome to browse among 35 different wallpapers. We hope you find your favourite.

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Design made to last yet made with less

We are truly committed to shaping a beautiful future for generations to come. That’s why, we create design made to last. Read more about our sustainability work here.
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Welcome to the magic world of Newbie

Newbie is a Swedish lifestyle brand for the little ones we love. Clothing for premature, baby, kids, and women in timeless design, with care at the heart of everything we do. We offer a full-range wardrobe for children aged 0 months to 8 years.

The patterns are all hand-drawn in a soft color palette close to nature's very own shades. Garments to create a coordinated look with siblings. Garments to inherit. Nostalgic styles made to last. We love matching outfits. Match with siblings and moms. That's why we also offer a Newbie Woman wardrobe. Lovely pieces in the same beautiful patterns. The Newbie world even includes adorable additions to the children's room - Newbie Room Collection. Storage boxes, toys and play tents - perfect for transforming the room into beautiful fairytale settings.

So many treasures to love. We exist to make the future beautiful for generations to come.